12 Koh Larn accommodation, 3-star rating, very good rating from the latest booking 2023


If talking about popular tourist attractions in Thailand Suitable for families, friends, or lovers. Many people would choose to pour their hearts to Koh Larn. due to convenient travel There are many attractions on Koh Larn to choose from. Organize a trip to the beach around this time, don’t forget to find accommodation near Koh Larn, good price, beautiful view, suitable for relaxation. to recharge the power of happiness to the fullest to return to work again And today we have selected good accommodation from booking for you already. Let’s see if there are any interesting places? Xanadu Beach Resort, seaside accommodation Paradise of Koh Larn Highlight 👍 1. The resort has a private beach for guests to play. 2. Breakfast has a lot to choose from. 3. Spacious room 4. The beach is beautiful and the water is very clear, you won’t be disappointed. 5. Employees speak well. Xanadu Beach Resort, Koh Larn beach resort Decorated with bright tones, looks bold. The wall is decorated with cartoon characters of the sea. There are 70 rooms in total, divided into 2 types: Deluxe rooms and Suite rooms. Inside the rooms are fully equipped with the most complete facilities. In the rooms, the bright colors are still emphasized. Suite rooms are slightly larger. Because adding another corner of the living room, the resort is next to the sea There are many activities for tourists to choose from. Whether it’s sunbathing chilling by the sea and cycling hotel information Topic Description 📍 Google map https://goo.gl/maps/Zvs5z4hW9bSuXn8h9 🏠   …