10 accommodation near U-Tapao Airport (Choose by hand) 2022


Hello friends who love to travel. Must admit that the city of Sattahip is considered one of the places to visit. where you should come to rest to recharge the battery It is also a great place for family activities. Therefore, the author has compiled and selected 10 accommodation near U-Tapao Airport that you can travel by plane to land at U-Tapao Airport. and contact the rental car Or public transport to travel around the city of Sattahip, Pattaya and Rayong at all. Let’s see that in 2022, these 10 accommodations near U-Tapao Airport are Where to stay And it’s worth booking online now. 1. Kantary Hotel Ban Chang Accommodation near U-Tapao Airport The first is named Kantary Hotel Ban Chang It’s on Sukhumvit Road. It is only 10 kilometers from the airport. Traveling to stay comfortable This hotel has just opened. The room was very clean. complete facilities Although the hotel is in Rayong province. But because the U-Tapao Airport area is large and is directly connected to the province So this accommodation is close to every tourist attraction in Sattahip. and Ban Chang City, Rayong. Choosing to stay here is your worth for sure. Tel: 038953545 Address according to Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ZjUSNdmrHdW6hkMg8 2. U-tapou Resort (U-tapou sattahip rayong Resort) Accommodation near U-Tapao Airport, the second chosen by the author. It is considered one of the most popular hotels. Designed with a beautiful look, white color, white tone control, there is a swimming pool in the middle. with very shady trees It gives a …